Wednesday PM
After each guild meeting those who wish to participate in our Wednesday PM group may bring a brown bag lunch and stay for an afternoon of sewing. You may choose to work on the project selected for the month or one of your own. Details of each project will be listed on this page and supply list will be provided.
This little sewing bee is a great way to meet  and make new friends, get in a little extra sewing time and share expertise with others. We hope you will join us.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022
There will not be a specific project demonstrated, but the afternoon is open to all for a Mini Sew-Day.
Bring your lunch, sewing machine/extension cord/supplies, a project to work on, your  hand-work/knitting and pass the time visiting and creating.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Note: There is no charge to attend.
Irons and cutting boards are available.
Room available until 3p.m
Wed PM
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  Flannel Baby Quilt by Maureen O'Neill             Multicolour by Sherry Harnden
Click Here to see instructions
April 2021 - Squared Away

This is a quick and easy quilt but can be quite effective. Great for a gift or a charity quilt. It can be varied in a number of ways. You can make anything from a potholder to a king-sized quilt using these blocks.

The project this month features a 'heart' block and come to us from Helen Blaskievich.  Thank you Helen.

Options are given to make the block in several sizes.  How small or big will you go? Will you make a hot pad, placemat, runner or go for a quilt?

Will you use pinks/red for a Valentine theme or use a variety of prints and enjoy your quilt all year long.

Click here for page 1 and page 2 of the pattern.
From Sherry Harnden...  "Sharing the picture of my 'forest'. 
I had a great time making these ornaments for family and friends."
December - Quilt-as-you-go Fabric Scrap Decorations
- click for pattern HERE
November - Positive Negative Wall Quilt/Table Runner
- click for pattern HERE.
October - Strip and Flip Baby Quilt
- click for pattern HERE
September 2020 - Joyce's Favourite Scrappy Quilt

   Seated at the quilting frame
   I stitch away my days,
   Earning extra dollars that
   The artist gladly pays.

   My needles sew for others, true---
   A fact I don't resent,
   'Cause in my mind I cut and piece
   To my quilter's heart's content.
                      -- Gail Cotrell Cunham
Joyce Armstrong - A quilt entitled "Another Scrappy Quilt"

"Each of the years, as the Talent Auction neared, I have made a quilt to be sold at the
Auction.  My thanks goes to all of you who have bought these quilts.  One, who always attended, told me a while ago he had bought 13 over the years.

I have made many quilts for various charities.  I still have a few of those left.  As my eyes can no longer see to make the tiny stitches, I decided to donate this to the 2020 Keene United Church Talent Auction.

God Bless You All"

Joyce Armstrong
Sherry's Quilt
Joyce's Favourite Scrappy Quilt
Our founding member Joyce Armstrong, introduced us to this Scrappy Quilt in May 2010.  It uses 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangles and is a great way to use up your scraps.  Joyce says she has made many quilts using this technique.
Fabric Requirements:  fabric left from previous projects 
                        OR  2 1/2" strips, left over binding, fat quarters, charm squares, layer cakes etc.    
                               Lots of variety will make for an interesting quilt.

: optional

You will need 360 rectangles to make a quilt that measures 48" x 60" before borders.*

Each block measures 12" finished and requires 18 rectangles.  You will need twenty blocks.

Joyce likes to use the same two fabrics for the center of each block, but that is up to you.

Joyce suggests making 1 block first, squaring up as you go.  Use this block for reference while you make the remaining blocks.

Let's get started

1.  Sew a light and darker rectangle together matching long sides using a 1/4" seam allowance.  Fig. 1.
     Press seam toward the darker fabric.  Check block, it should measure 4 1/2" x 4 1/2".
     Note:  an accurate seam allowance is always  important.

2.  Turn unit and sew a rectangle to each side.  Fig. 2. 

3.  Sew two rectangles together matching short sides.  Make 4 units.  Fig. 3.

4.  Turn block and sew a unit to each side.  Press seam toward new unit.  Fig. 4. 
      Check block, it should measure 8 1/2" x 8 1/2".  Square up if required.

5.  Turn block and sew a unit to each side.  Press seam toward new unit.  Fig. 5. 

6.  Now, sew three rectangles together matching short sides.  Make two units.  Fig.6.

7.  Turn block and sew a unit to each side.  Press toward new unit.  Fig. 7. 
      Check block, it should measure 12 1/2" x 12 1/2".  Square up if required.

8.  Repeat for remaining blocks.

Lay out your blocks, four across by five down.  Joyce likes to  alternate the direction the center blocks face.  Doing this avoids matching seams and creates more interest..

Add borders if you like.  Blocks could also be set with sashing, cornerstones.............however you like.

* A smaller quilt can be made using 12 blocks - measuring 36" x 48" before borders - uses 216 rectangles.
   You can go bigger if you really want to use up all your scraps OR add more side units for a placemat.

Note:  For other projects using 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangles, a good resource is "Successful Scrap Quilts from
            Simple Rectangles" by Judy Turner and Margaret Rolfe.

Submitted by:
   Sherry Harnden with permission from Joyce Armstrong.  Thank you Joyce!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!

 Welcome to the first project for 2021.  Thank you to Shirley
Challice for submitting this project.
Click here for "Road Trip" pattern.

    This could be a great project for kids.  Use novelty prints for an
"I Spy" effect or lots of colours so the little ones can learn about colour.
Applique numbers or ABC's for an added learning experience.

    It would be 'oh-so-cozy' made in flannelette OR use a variety of
textures for a sensory quilt.  So many possibilities!

    Borders could be added to make it bigger, if desired.

Happy sewing everyone.


Note:  check out the Cluck Cluck Sew website for a wonderful selection of patterns.

MARCH 2021
So, are you thinking about spring yet?  The project for March will having you thinking of all those spring flowers, sunshine and no snow.

Yes, you got a sneak peek at  "Tulip Time" wall hanging in the newsletter.

Click on the link below for a great tutorial.   

Note:  There is one correction - Step 5 should read "Sew the HSTs together and sew to the tulip top."