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In lieu of a newsletter, please read the following message from our president, Maureen McKeen.

KQG President's Message January 2022
Happy New Year to all of you. I hope this message finds you safe and healthy, inspired and thriving.

Today was to be our third sewing day at the Church. Debra Graham and her team developed the required safety plan, procured PPE supplies and were ready to go; however, it was not to be. If there is one thing I've learned over the past 21 months, it's that all plans are tentative, we have to stay flexible, pivot and ride each wave to the end. Sometimes I feel like I've spent months feeling my way along a dark tunnel and just as I catch a glimpse of the light at the end,  a mighty gust of wind catapults me way back to the beginning. Other times I feel like I'm in a bumper car and just as I spot an exit, 50 bumper cars crash into me and I'm stuck once again. Looking around I notice that everyone in the bumper cars is a quilter and we're all rushing towards the same exit having noticed that the sign reads "Back to Normal". So, I wasn't really stuck, I was with my people all along (just in separate bumper cars).

I've thought a lot about missing the ordinariness of my life; "my people", "my community", and all those "by the way" conversations we have in the course of being with each other. Recently Amy Weatherly commented on the importance of community, illustrated by this story. She wrote, "I think it was Brene Brown who told a story about a village where all the women washed clothes together down by the river. When they all got washing machines, there was a sudden outbreak of depression and no one could figure out why. It wasn't the washing machines in and of themselves. It was the absence of time spent doing things together. It was the absence of community."

Another way of connecting has been through our Face Book group. I continue to be inspired by the work that has been accomplished and posted over the last two years. So many beautiful quilts have been finished as well as quilts for Survivors of Residential Schools, placemats for Meals on Wheels and quilted gifts.  And as an added bonus, we're all invited to participate in the "Sewing Room Declutter Challenge 2022". For many this challenge will help us become so organized that energy levels will rise and we'll be inspired to continue shining that light in the tunnel for each other.

 You are truly a gifted, talented and generous group of quilters and I miss you all.


With Respect

Maureen McKeen

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